Tobias RenegadeAt first I didn't like this bass as much as I thought I would, but over the years it has grown into being one of my favorite basses. It's an alder body with a maple neck. Very light, one of my lightest at 7 pounds 15.9 ounces. Just a hair under 8 pounds. The 34 inch scale, 17.5mm string spacing fits me perfectly.

It came with Bartolini pickups. A musicman style in the bridge and a narrow humbucker in the neck. Either split coil or stacked, but in a single coil space. The bridge pickup can be switched series/parallel and can do a brighter version of the Musicman sound. The neck pickup has a very Precision Bass tone to it and blends nicely with the bridge pickup.

I didn't like the original passive/active preamp so I swapped in a much more standard Bartolini 3 band.

The finish is a nice transparent cherry red and I tend to get more compliments on this basses looks than my other ones.


I like small headstocks. They weigh less, improve balance, and get smacked into things less.

Tobias Renegade headstock


The neck is on the slim side, not too thin but far from chunky. It has some kind of oil finish and that can get a little sticky sometimes.


Here's a shot with the stock Tobias preamp and just the 3 knobs.

Tobias Renegade body