I've always loved Tobias basses. I remember the first one I really played in 1986, I had no idea a bass could be set up to play so delicately. Just before Mike Tobias stopped working for Gibson at the Burbank shop they developed the Killer B and I got to play a few before they closed up shop and moved to Tennessee. I've wanted one ever since.


This one was made in 1993 in the first year in Nashville. It's stock except for a new Bartolini preamp and a refinish. It's a 34 inch scale, 17.5mm string spacing and weighs 7 pounds 15.3 ounces.


When I first got it it had an ugly natural finish that was wearing through and showing dirty spots.


So I stripped it to bare wood.


And stained it black with a few applications of aniline dye. Then about 12 to 15 coats of Tru-Oil and a little work and I had a much nicer looking bass.


And since the back plate was cracked I made a new one from blue plexiglass. You never see it but I know it's there.