This is the infamous SX Bass from Rondomusic. A very inexpensive Chinese made bass. A great value for the money but you have to remember it's very little money. Possibly the worst bass you can buy today yet it's still useable and with a bit of work can yield a nice Fender style bass.

SX Jazz


The headstock has changed over the years and the one I had is the most Fender looking of the bunch. Some of the other are a bit uglier. They do have a tendency to go nuts on the vintage tint they spray on these necks and instead of a nice vintage look they are more of a Cheetos color.

SX Jazz headstock


It's always nice to see a bit of flame in a neck. These tuners are the bare minimum to hold a string and swapping in some Hipshots or other quality hardware will be a nice improvement. These do stay in tune and are giggable but they feel like crap.


I was very pleased with the fingerboard wood. Nice color and figuring, very pretty.


While the 4 strings are done well the pickups on the 5 strings are horribly mis-aligned. Surprisingly the volume from string to string was rather consistent.


Stock they come with tiny plastic side dots but I changed those for some larger pearl dots. Much easier to see on stage.


The bridge it came with was very narrow, under 16mm. I swapped in a slightly wider bridge I had laying around. I think this one is 16.5mm and there is still enough space to the sides of the fingerboard to go even a bit wider.


Pretty sexy for $120.

SX Jazz Bass


I had a set of Joe Barden rail style humbuckers that came from Sadowsky. They were prototypes and one offs so I put them in here. The bass sounded like a high end Jazz Bass. It looked nice too.

So for little money and a few mods I had a very useable good looking 5 string jazz. Ultimately I sold it as it wasn't as good as a Mexican Fender I picked up. The neck is very chunky and the fretwork was poor. But if you like tinkering there's a lot of value here. I would not recommend one to anyone who does not do their own setups or mods as paying a luthier to dial one of these in would negate the low price savings. I have heard of people playing these out of the box and being happy but I suspect they have low standards :)

SX Jazz Bass 5 string