This is the Stevo custom super fancy exotic wood bass. Filled with goodies like Bartolini triple coil pickups with a switch for series/parallel/single coil settings. A Bartolini preamp & EQ finish off the electronics.

The bass is made with purpleheart, wenge and 3 kinds of maple. The birdseye maple on the body face and back was taken from a pile of wood on it's way to being made into the interior for the Sultan of Brunei's private jet. The 2 pieces of maple on the outsides of the neck is straight maple bought in a store all normal like. The tapered flame maple center strip was part of an old child's bed found in an alley. Good chance it's been peed on more than once. But with such a nice flame it was still worth rescuing from the garbage. The wenge is only in the body core.

With such dense woods a bass can get very heavy. I kept the body on this, and all my basses, to just 1.25 inches thick which reduces the body weight greatly. This one weighs 9 pounds, 1.2 ounces.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma