Steinberger Spirit


This is a great bass. If it weren't for 2 things that are a matter of taste I would be collecting these basses. I got this for $350 on eBay.


It was in very nice shape when I got it except it stunk of cigarettes. I had to take all the metal pieces apart and scrub them to get the stink off. It wasn't just a little smell either it was men's bathroom bad.

Steinberger Spirit 5 string headless


Once it was cleaned up and set up it was a champ. This one had a hard maple body which is uncommon and made it rather heavy.

Steinberger Spirit headless fingerboard


It has super cheap EMG passive humbuckers and the tone is aggressive and funky. The tuners work perfectly, all basses should be made this way.


I love the headless concept and one day I'll find exactly what I want. This has a bridge spacing of either 16.5mm or under 16mm (I forget) and it's just too narrow for me. And with the top horn only going to the 15th fret the bass sits far to the left. I much prefer a 12th fret horn position like on the classic Fender P & J basses.

Steinberger Spirit headless