After playing just one fretted 5 string bass for a few years I decided I wanted a backup bass and decided to experiment with some other 5 strings. I traded an old Trace Elliot AH250 amp for this beast here.

Copley CBE-59NT


The original owner swapped in some Seymour Duncan pickups and preamp. The tone of this bass was awesome. Very aggressive funky upfront tones.

The original owner also changed the headstock and added a dragonfly.


I changed the bridge from one with 16.5mm spacing to a Schaller with over 17mm spacing. The woods were high quality alder, maple, walnut and some kind of rosewood looking stuff. There was a nicely figured lacewood veneer on top.


The laminations reminded me of a Tobias so I referred to this bass as my Faux-bias. No disrespect meant to Mike Tobias :)

Copley CBE-59NT


The best thing about buying this bass is I learned I like less than full string spacing and I prefer 34" over 35" scale necks. Armed with that knowledge I started buying up all kinds of cheap yet well made basses with this layout.