This classical guitar was given to me by my uncle around 1975. It has led a very rought life which includes being used in many experiements while I learned to work on guitars.

The first experiment was can you use light guage electric guitar strings on a cheap nylon classical? Yes, yes you can. They work very well.

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar- back

Acoustic guitar body

Acoustic guitar body back

Another experiment was to see how well aluminum works as a saddle material. I was very please with the results here too. I changed the angle of the saddle from perfectly square to angled and improved the intonation somewhat.

Acoustic guitar bridge

Acoustic guitar bridge

The fingerboard is plywood and was originally simply stained black. At first I made it a fretless acoustic and that was fun for a while but later I refretted it after covering the fingerboard with some Macassar Ebony veneer.

Acoustic guitar fingerboard soundhole

Classical guitars don't have side dots so I added some maple markers at the 7th & 12th frets.

Acoustic guitar fingerboard

An ebony nut made with a free scrap from the wood store.

Acoustic guitar headstock

Acoustic guitar headstock back

Acoustic guitar nut

Acoustic guitar Crown label